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About Us

who we are, what we stand for

Being Local

Being a locally owned business is something we take a lot of pride in. Wilmington is our home, and its people are our friends, family and neighbors. We are always grateful for every smiling face that walks through our doors, with hopes you might take back a piece of home with you when you leave. With everything we refinish, we want that piece to emphasize home every time you look at it. We constantly gather inspiration from our local environment here on the coast and try to reflect that in the most elegant ways possible, mixing local styles and always finding a way to make each piece uniquely its own.


We would like to take a moment to thank you, our community, for if it was not for your support, we would not have the opportunity to live our passion for creating pieces that will last a lifetime and hold a lifetime of memories.

Meet The Team

Photo of Jessica

Jessica "Jess" Ball

Founder | Refinisher | Designer

Jessica's "Jess" journey into furniture refinishing began after years of serving as a dedicated science educator in the Wilmington area. While teaching at a local high school and community college, Jess explored various hobbies in her free time until discovering her passion for refinishing furniture. Starting with small projects in her garage, she quickly realized her knack for transforming pieces into something beautiful.


In 2021, Jess made the bold decision to transition from her career in education to pursue her newfound passion full-time, founding New To You Redo. Her vibrant personality and infectious enthusiasm have made her beloved by her team, family, friends, and customers alike. Every day, Jess impresses us with her remarkable talent for creating elegant and captivating pieces of furniture. 


Drawing inspiration from current trends and our home here on the Carolina coast, Jess infuses each creation with a unique flair while paying homage to the local environment. Her dedication to crafting unique pieces for the community to cherish in their homes reflects her commitment to leaving a lasting impact through her artistry.

Photo of Duane

Duane LaBombard

Woodshop Manager | Carpenter

Duane is a distinguished member of our team, bringing with him over 20 years of honorable service as a retired Air Force veteran. With a wealth of skills and knowledge, Duane is a true master of woodworking and carpentry. His craftsmanship and attention to detail consistently exceeds expectations, allowing us to breathe new life into furniture that may have otherwise been overlooked.


Beyond his exceptional talents, Duane is a devoted family man, cherishing his wife and children above all else. The love for his family shine through in all of his work, bringing joy and lasting appreciation to our customers' homes.


We are deeply grateful for his service to our country and the invaluable skills and knowledge he brings with him. His dedication to both his craft and his family is truly admirable, and we are privileged to have him as part of our team.


Marc Minichino

Refinisher | Marketing

Marc's journey into the world of furniture began with a lifelong passion for art and design. As a skilled craftsman and enthusiastic DIYer, Marc always sought opportunities to expand his knowledge and create projects with his own hands. With a background in graphic design and a keen eye for aesthetics, Marc delved into furniture where he discovered a profound passion for furniture refinishing.


This newfound pursuit perfectly blended his love for art, design, and craftsmanship. With a deep understanding of fasteners and hardware acquired over the years, Marc was inspired by the craftsmen and builders he encountered throughout his life.

Now a part of the talented team at New To You Redo, Marc is eager to continue learning and refining his skills in furniture refinishing. He sees this as not just a career, but a lifelong pursuit that brings together his passions and allows him to create beautiful, enduring pieces for others to enjoy.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 8.40.14 PM.png

Becky Sandling

Vendor | Upcycled Mimi

Becky, affectionately known as Mimi, is a cherished local artist and crafter hailing from the greater Raleigh area. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of North Carolina's environment, Becky creates unique home decor pieces that blend coastal and country styles with a touch of her own artistic flair.

When she's not immersed in her crafting endeavors, Becky delights in spending quality time with her grandchildren, often involving them in her creative projects. Her passion for crafting extends beyond her personal pursuits, as she eagerly shares her love for artistry with the next generation.

Her unmistakable style has captured the hearts of our customers, who appreciate the distinctive charm she brings to each of her creations. As a valued vendor in our store, Becky enriches our community with her talent, creativity, and warm spirit, and we are truly grateful to offer her home decor to our customers!

Photo of Glen

Glen Spardello

Vendor | Savings Gallery Tool Room

Glen began as a real estate agent in the Northeast, where he honed his skills in sales and customer service. Upon relocating to North Carolina, he transitioned his expertise from selling homes to selling tools. As an original vendor at New To You Redo, Glen has become a valued asset to our community, offering quality tools at exceptional value.

His commitment to providing resources for fellow DIY enthusiasts is especially noteworthy, as he supports customers in their endeavors to refinish furniture and undertake creative projects. Glen's presence at the store not only contributes to its success but also fosters a supportive environment for those looking to unleash their creativity and tackle DIY projects with confidence.

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