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Store Policies

**all sales are final**


New to You Redo offers guaranteed satisfaction on all refinished furniture. Should an error be made on our behalf and you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever is required to make it right. Should we be unable to fix the issue a refund will be given if a claim is made within 30 days of the original purchase.


Vendor/consignment items can not be guaranteed as these items are not owned by New to You Redo. If you have an issue with a purchase from a vendor/consigner, please notify New to You Redo so the vendor can be contacted to resolve the issue. After 30 days, this no longer applies. Receipts must be shown.


Customers have up to one week to pick up purchased furniture. Please contact us if there is an issue that will prohibit you from picking up. After one week has passed and no communication has been established, New to You Redo reserves the right to charge a daily storage fee.


Deposits are non-refundable. You have 24 hours to contact us regarding an order change and can apply the deposit to another piece. If you change your order after the 24 hour window has passed, you will be responsible for a $60 restocking fee.


If you pay in full for an item and measured improperly, you have 24 hours to bring the items back and exchange for another item (no money will be returned if you choose an item at a lower price). If you do not find an item to exchange, store credit will be issued. Items must be returned in original condition to be eligible for the exchange. After the 24 hour window has passed with no communication with New to You Redo, no exchanges can be made.


All paint products are non-refundable. The only exception would be to exchange commonly used paint with New to You Redo's workshop. The most commonly used colors are: French Eggshell, Paisley, Casement, and Picket Fence. We reserve the right to change the commonly used colors based on current trends. Paint must be unopened with the seal intact to qualify for the workshop exchange.


New to You Redo is happy to offer assistance with loading and unloading furniture, however we are not responsible for any damages that may occur after the furniture leaves the building. Please patiently wait for loading help if you notice a staff member is busy with a customer. If you are in a rush, we ask that you please provide your own help.

Consignment / Vendor Policy


of sale goes to CONSIGNER.


of sale goes to


1st month

Item is sold at consigners full asking price.

2nd month

Item is sold at 10% reduction of consigners full asking price.

3rd month

Item is sold at 20% reduction of consigners full asking price.

4th month

If consigned item(s) have not sold by the 4th month, the consigner must retrieve the item(s) by the first week of the 4th month.

 If item(s) are not picked up by the first week, they will be donated. 

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