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Bedroom Furniture

Design Your Own
aka CUSTOMer Refinished

We're like the "Build-A-Bear" of furniture! Choose a piece, choose your colors, design it yourself, and dress it up with beautiful finishing touches such as a stained wood top, custom design elements, hardware, and more!

Step 1 Choose Your Piece 

Choose a piece from our selection of furniture that has not been refinished yet. We have a section of our showroom dedicated to pieces waiting to be chosen by you to put your own personal touches on. We know that choosing the right piece for your home can be tricky, so our team will work with you to find just the right piece to meet all your needs and the space.


Don't see something you like in our showroom? Do not worry one bit! We know that finding the right piece is one of the most important steps in this process and we want to make sure the furniture you choose is something you will love and cherish. Our team will make note of what you're looking for and keep an eye out for a potential winner during our procurement process. If you happen find something you like at a local thrift store or yard sale, send us some pictures or bring it on by so we can continue on your furniture design journey.

Step 2 Choose a Color 

Solid Wood Chest of Drawers
Vintage Buffet
Elegant Vintage Dresser
Vintage Buffet
Midcentury Modern Dresser

Choose from a variety of custom colors from our line of Fusion® Mineral Paint. Your color selection will set the tone for your refinished piece. Our team will work with you to help choose the best color(s) that best fit the room and theme of your home. We also offer swatches of all of our paint colors to bring home with you to ensure the color works in the desired space. When choosing a color, there are many elements to take into consideration including: wall color, accent colors in the room (i.e. other furniture, area rugs, flooring, etc.), and most importantly, lighting (natural and artificial). Please note that some of these colors might appear different in person, so we encourage you to venture into our store to see them for yourself!

Step 3  Stained or Painted Top

If the piece your designing has a solid wood top with little to no repairs necessary, why not choose a colored stain and show off those beautiful wood grains! Stained wood tops are the more durable option for pieces of furniture that will see a lot of action and/or friction (i.e. kitchen tables, nightstands, etc.). The oil-based stains will penetrate the wood, enhancing your furniture's wood grains, offering an alluring and smooth finish to your piece!


If your furniture cannot be stained as it does not have a wood top/features a thin strip of wood veneer, (or maybe you love the paint color so much that you prefer to paint the entire piece) do not worry, we can still paint it! Our team uses a polycrylic clear coat which adds an extra layer of protection to your painted piece to prevent against scuffs or light scratches caused by friction or objects on the surface.

Want to show off those wood grains? Choose a color from our line of Fusion® Stains & Finishing Oils!

Step 4 Custom Design Elements 

Put the "custom" in customer refinished furniture with special design elements that will make your piece notable and exclusive! Adding elements such as distressing or color washes will separate your custom designed piece from anything else you've ever had. Add accent colored drawers or even do a white wash/paint wash to factor distinctive components that make the piece uniquely yours!

Step 5  Hardware

We refer to hardware as one of the key finishing touches that ties together the whole piece! The proper choice of hardware is a true testament to the furniture's overall character. Distinctive hardware can completely transform the furniture's identity! Choose from hardware such as rattan handles or antiqued gold knobs. Going the modern route? Try black or silver bar pulls with modern legs. Stay trendy with brushed brass hardware or be eccentric with hand painted porcelain knobs!

FINAL STEP  Bring it Home

We love to see your furniture finally encounter its forever home! With every piece we refinish, especially those customized exclusively for our clients, we honor the moment of finally seeing it in the setting by which it will be enveloped with all of the remarkable memories shared with your family & friends! We hope that every time you glance at your custom furniture, you see a representation of your personalized tastes elegantly adorned for many years to come. We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to work alongside them in illustrating and bringing their vision to life, creating a piece of art, a piece of your home, that is distinctively yours!


We would love for you to share your in-home photos with us to present here on our website as a scrapbook of our furniture refinishing journey, and hopefully to serve as inspiration for others!

It is our honor to be a part of your home!

Thank you,

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